1.5.2022 klo 16:00 & 3.5.2022 klo 19:00
Vanha Makkaratehdas, Pohjoinen Tullitie 23, 07900 Loviisa.

Project Mirage: “A singing voice emerges from nowhere and triggers an abstract mechanism that is full of fantasy. Straight from the most urban modernity, the material invests space, a three meters long empty block. A poetic architecture is built little by little over the choreography between bodies and objects, moved by the voice of Mirella Pendolin. Amandine Doat, the dancer sets the object in motion by taking advantage of its shape and texture. Manipulation follows musical improvisation. The vocal interpretation feeds on the dancer’s proposals. Emotion arises from this live encounter. From this fusion an orderly and stable structure is born.The movements cease in silence and an autonomous plastic installation remains before our eyes, charged with our imagination.”